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As we know Reliance Jio has developed many products in the telecom sector There are distinctive approaches to check your Jio Wifi Router. What are they? We should look at it..!

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What is the price of JioFi Router?

The price of the second generation JioFi router is Rs. 1999. The price is same as that of the previous version of Jio-Fi.

There are four different versions of JioFi Router, they all differ in specs and look.

  1. JioFi 1 Router : This was released as the first JioFi router during July.
    JioFi 1 Router Price
  2. JioFi 2 Router : This JioFi 2 version is the most selling router among all the versions which is still available across all the Jio stores.
    JioFi 2 Router Price
  3. JioFi 3 Router : This is the improved version of JioFi 2 with new Oled on the front which shows you the battery strength, Network, and Connectivity.
    JioFi 3 Router Price
  4. JioFi 4 Dongle: JioFi dongle is the latest release of JioFi series and it’s not yet available across all the stores. It can be used for seamless connectivity while using it on personal PC or Laptop.
    JioFi 4 Router Price

JioFi 2 Router Specifications

JioFi 2 Router Price

  • Portable Wi-Fi hotspot connects up to 10 devices and one on USB.
  • Enjoy HD voice calls, video calls on 2G / 3G phone via Jio4GVoice app.
  • The powerful 2300mAh battery which gives you a backup of 6 hours.
  • JioFi wifi router range easily cover 2 rooms.

Jio WiFi Router

People all over the country, India, are using a company called Jio on their respective for Jio wifi plan 4G enabled expensive handsets. Well, if you do not have a 4G enabled expensive phone in your hand while you’re reading this, and still you want to enjoy the services of this company called Jio which has made a name for itself on the headlines of every newspaper in India, then you are in the right place.

It is not impossible and on the other hand, it is not even expensive. To use the offers and services provided by Jio in your handset which must be Wi-Fi enabled and which must at least have Android version 4.0, all you got to do is buy a Jio-Fi from a Jio Store and use the great services and great offers provided by the company.

Jio WiFi Router

Jio WiFi Router

What is Jio WiFi Router?

Jio wifi information

Jio-Fi is basically a product powered by LYF, which is a portable hotspot. Just like your own handset, if you have the Internet and you want to share your part o the Internet with your friend who is nearby, then all you do is switch on your hotspot and let the other person connect to the WiFi which is basically generated from your phone itself. And this feature on your phone makes it a Jio wifi dongle as well.

The Wi-Fi produced by your phone can be used by multiple users who are connected to your Jio wifi router. The same happens for Jio-Fi. Your phone may not be 4G enabled, and at times your phone may not have Internet data. For these instances, a Jio-Fi is a must buy for you. It just acts as a router but it has an added advantage which is that it is portable. In your backpack, in your clutch, or in your new jeans’ pocket, you can keep it anywhere without any hassle because of it’s such a comfortable size.

Neither is it too huge nor is it very heavy to carry and that makes it exceptionally good as a product. At a time, at a minimum, a Jio-Fi can connect to 10 devices and serve its purpose to provide Internet connection to all of them via Jio wifi plan. This exceptionally good device comes out of the box with a rechargeable battery which you can connect to any plug, and use when you are at your home and when you have to go out, chilling around with friends, you just have to unplug and take it in your back pocket and you are set to take your Jio wifi offer along with you. The Jio-fi is so versatile that in the device, you can insert any other sim of any other operator without any hassle whatsoever, (if required to do so) and enjoy their Internet offers and share it with your friends and family as well. That was all for the internet connection, but Reliance Jio has also provided other offers regarding calls and short message services (also known as SMS) as well which people who don’t have a featured voLTE enabled phone, also can use. All credit goes to the Jio-Fi.

How to make calls via 2G/3G phone using Jio offers?



By this time, I think you guys have concluded that indeed, it will be the Jio-Fi which would help you make calls via your 2G or 3G handset which is Wi-Fi enabled. Well, this conclusion is right. The Jio-Fi contains a SIM slot in it which initially has a Jio Sim which is not unremovable. Jio wifi password change This enables the person to use all the services of a Jio sim by the use of Jio-Fi. However, in order to make calls or send messages, the handset which does not have VoLTE needs another app to be installed. The app is available on Play Store and it’s name is Jio 4G Voice and it is also known as Jio join app.

What are Jio4GVoice and its features?



Many of the phones do not have the feature called VoLTE which stands for voice-over LTE. For those phones, Jio wifi login made an application of itself called Jio4GVoice, which allows the users to make calls or send messages using their personal Jio sim or Jio-Fi.

The features of this app are:

  1. HD quality calls,
  2. Location tracker,
  3. User-friendly interface.
  4. Group Chats with a maximum of 100 people at a time.
  5. Video Calls in HD quality.
  6. Fun Stickers are available.

How to use Jio4GVoice to make voice calls?

First of all, you need to download the Jio4GVoice app from Google Play Store and then register your Jio number. After having done so, enter the number you want to call on the dial pad or choose who you want to call from your contact list and then click the call button. That’s it, and then you can talk as much as you want if your recharge pack is entitled to unlimited calls. you can see there Jio wifi device review as well.

What are urgent calls in Jio4GVoice app?

What are urgent calls in Jio4GVoice app?

What are urgent calls in Jio4GVoice app?

This is a feature of this application which allows you to let the other person know that the call is very urgent and it needs to be picked up as soon as possible. A short message to why this call is so important can also be added and can check Jio wifi device range, Jio wifi speed, Jio wifi calling

Sensors to make calls automatically.

If you open the contact, and without clicking on the call button, you just hold your phone near your ear, the application will automatically connect the call. This is one of the coolest features of this app.

Video Calls available on Jio4GVoice app

JIO freevideo-calling

JIO free video-calling

With the Jio4GVoice app, you can make video calls for free. Open any contact on your app and then click on the option called video call. HD quality video calls are guaranteed by Jio.

How to Buy JioFi router and activate welcome offer

JioFi welcome Offer, Buy JioFi

Multiple Uses of Jio4GVoice app – Sharing files.

This great application is not only for making various types of calls and messages but also for sharing any file from your phone to another. Be it images or be it documents, anything and everything among the files could be shared via this all-in-one app.




There is all the information about Reliance Jio Wifi Router in this post if you get any kind of query or want to ask something then u can contact us or give us as a feedback in the comment box. Thank you!

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