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As we know Reliance Jio has stated many facilities in the Mobile Companies There are distinctive approaches to check your Jio Prime Membership plans. What are they? We should look at it..!

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Reliance Jio has always tried to satisfy his customers. After the end of Happy new year offer, it introduced the summer surprise offer which will last up to July 2017. But to activate this offer you need to be a prime member of Jio company. Jio divided its customer into two parts – Prime members and non-prime members. Jio users have to pay an amount jio recharge 99 and jio recharge 303 to enroll for prime membership. Once you do it you will be a member till 31st March 2018. Jio Prime & Non-prime plan Data, Validity, Benefits full easy and simple explained We all know that Prime members will get the free app but limitations on SMS, 4G net, and voice. Offers for non-prime members are identical. We all are anxious to know what offers Jio will provide for his non-prime members.

With providing free offer now Jio is going to charge it’s customer. The prepaid user will get to access to 10 different plans from 19 to ₹9999. The postpaid user is bound to three plans, i.e., ₹303, ₹499 and ₹999. You don’t need to be said as you can opt for booster even if your plan is exhausted.

Facility and recharge plan of reliance jio Provided to their prime member and to the non-prime member.

If you are looking for a post of reliance jio recharge plan and facility given by jio to their prime member and to their non-prime member then you have clicked a right Post. If you read this article properly then you will get a good knowledge about jio prime recharge online and as well as about jio non-prime member. ‘JIO PRIME AND NON-PRIME MEANS‘. The introduction of Jio in India in the last year has brought a revolution in the telecom industry for good. Reliance jio opened new avenues inside the area whilst it announced its free offers in 2016, which despatched incumbents like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea cell and different telcos in a tizzy. jio recharge offers and jio recharge portal After the ‘Welcome Offer’, the trial period for Jio continued as ‘Happy New Year’ offer. After that jio again provide a free service up to 31/6/17. After which the data on Reliance Jio will begin to be chargeable. In an effort to melt the sudden blow, the network service issuer decided to open the floodgates of a new offer, referred to as the prime membership offer.

A list of data plans, packages, offer, tariff and the difference between Jio Prime and non-Prime members:

Prepaid Plans

Rates Prime MembersNon Prime Members
Rs 19Data: 200 mb, Validity: 1 dayData: 100 mb, Validity: 1 day
Rs 49Data: 600 mb, Validity: 3 dayData: 300 mb, Validity: 3 day
Rs 96Data: unlimite 4G data till 7 GB, FUP: 1 GB per day, Validity: 7 Days
Data: 600 mb, Validity: 7 day
Rs 149Data: 2 GB, SMS: 100, Validity: 28 dayData: 1 GB, SMS: 100 GB, Validity: 28 day
Rs 303Data: unlimited till 28GB, FUP: 1 GB per day, Validity: 28 DaysData: 2.5 GB, Validity: 28 days
Rs 499Data: unlimited till 56 GB, FUP: 2 GB per day, Validity 28 DaysData: 5 GB, Validity: 28 Days
Rs 1999Data: unlimited till 60 GB, Validity: 60 DaysData: 12.5 GB, Validity: 30 Days
Rs 4999Data: unlimited till 350 Gb, Validity: 180 DaysData: 100 GB, Validity: 30 Days
Rs 9999Data: Unlimited till 750 GB, Validity: 360 DaysData: 200 GB, Validity: 30 Days

Postpaid Plans 

RatesPrime MembersNon Prime Members
Rs 303Data: unlimited till 30 GB, FUP: 1 GB per day, Validity: Bill cycleData: 2.5 GB, Validity: Bill cycle
Rs 499Data: unlimited till 60 GB, FUP: 2 GB per day, Validity: Bill cycleData: 5 GB, Validity: Bill cycle
Rs 999Data: unlimited till 60 Gb, Validity: Bill cycleData: 12.5 GB, Validity: Bill cycle

Jio prime and non-prime comparison

Under this new offer, the consumer has to pay rs99 for becoming a jio prime member. After which there will be separate charges for data consumed by jio prime and nonprime comparison.

But the global of jio tariff plan does not stop right here. Many users accept as true with that in the event that they do not take the prime membership, their jio sim might also get deactivated. But this is not true. You may use your jio sim without the prime membership additionally. There are numerous different recharge options provided by way of jio for its non-prime members.

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All the above plans whether prepaid or postpaid have free apps, voice, and SMS if not mentioned.

From the above-given plans, it is quite obvious that enrolling for Jio Prime membership will benefit easy and simple you in every case, whether it be any plan. Enrolling up for Jio Prime membership will benefit you with a lot more data throughout the year. You just need to pay a sum of  99. At lower plan points, you are just doubling the benefits by paying ₹8 more per month. Even at higher plan points(₹303 & ₹499),  you are getting way more than a non-prime member is getting.

Under some new offer, reliance jio customers can get up to 10gb of unfastened data on an early recharge. In case you are a jio subscriber and desire to recharge for the Rs 149 prepaid plan, you may get 2 GB of facts alongside limitless calls, after which 1 GB of unfastened data. Moreover, beneath the Rs. 303 plan, you will get 5 GB of unfastened data along with 28 GB of data subscribers are at the beginning entitled to. Additionally, within the Rs 499, rs 999, rs 1999, Rs four,999 and Rs 9,999 plans you’ll get 10 GB of unfastened data over and above the information at the beginning available. Reliance jio subscribers can also buy the new Prime membership through the virtual payments app, PAYTM. It’s miles imparting additional advantages on every jio plans after 31 March which includes Rs 10 cashback on becoming a member of the rs 99 jio high plan the use of the app. You could avail the offer by way of the usage of the code ‘jioprime’. According to the new plan, if you get your recharge done using the Jio Money app, you will get a Rs 50 cashback on every recharge. If you recharge your number with that number using the Jio Money app, you get a Rs 50 cashback again. Hence, in total you will be getting Rs 50 + Rs 50, that is Rs 100 as cashback.

The best part of jio Prime membership the last date is that even after exhausting your daily limit or your data pack, you will get free net at the speed of 128kbps till your plan is valid. Jio to deal with their telecom competitors doesn’t step up FUP on the basis of time like Vodafone and Airtel and has step FUP on daily basis, which stands as one more reason to opt for Jio Prime Membership.


There is all the information about Reliance jio Prime and Non-Prime Membership plans and validity are given if you have any query then you can contact us or give your feedback in our comment box.

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