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Further to the jio video call feature, jio seems to also be in plans of launching a brand new Jio KBC Play Along App feature to the jiochat app.

It is stated that this one will supply hundreds of thousands of Indians a possibility to play the KBC contest in along with Mr. Amitabh Bacchan as well as the hot seat contestant and the episode might be telecasted on television. With this feature, any network user from any part of the country Can win the big reward. But, it’s important to download the jiochat app and logs into jio KBC play at the side of the app.

Jio KBC Play Along

Jio KBC Play Along`

Jio KBC is an online game like Kaun Banega Crorepati live tv show. For playing this game you have to install jio chat app in your phone on the Content day they will give you a question which appears on the screen and you have to answer that question if you fail to give Answer or you gave the wrong answer then you will be out from the game.

Jio KBC PLAY along is a process for that you have to simply Jio KBC Play Along Download on your phone or you can open it if you already have Installed the app on your phone, on the contest day you will get question on your Jio chat app, now you have to just follow the instructions given on the screen of jio chat app and increase your chances for winning.

Big b Amitabh Bachchan’s Kaun Banega Crorepati season 9 kick-started on Sony television. Contestants began gambling and now you can play along with them via downloading jio chat software. Jio KBC play alongside. It is it slow to check how a great deal money you could make in case you pass for the same questions. Now not simplest that, you may additionally play incredible Jio KBC play along Prizes by using playing the same. Play KBC 9 game live.

How to Play Jio KBC Play Along?

The following are step for playing Jio KBC Play along

  • Download Jiochat app from Play Store.
  • Register on that Application
  • You will need to submit Name, Date of Birth and Photo
  • Now, Answer the live questions that will be asked while Episodes.
  • Jio KBC jackpot offer 2017
  • Only Jio customers can participate in the contest.

How To Play Jio KBC Play Along Effectively?

  1. First of all, open your TV set and switched to the SONY Channel
  2. Open the Jio KBC app (Jio chat), log in and be ready before 9:00 PM (Mon-Fri)
  3. Do not leave the app, and you will see some live questions on the Jio KBC app’s screen.
  4. Now select the correct answer to the question (within recommended 15 seconds)
  5. Press the “Lock it Down” button as soon as you respond to the question (be quick here)
  6. For every correct answer, you will get points (points are calculated on the money on offer for the current question level). See below explanation on that
  7. The app will automatically take you the next questions, now keep answering questions.
  8. With every correct answer, your points will keep on increasing. Your points are accumulated throughout the KBC season.

Jio KBC along is the online game concept added through reliance jio messaging services Pvt Ltd. Communication. You can Play KBC 9 recreation in connection with the television contestant via the usage of jio KBC play along android of ios app.

Jio KBC Play Along in Jio Chat

Jio KBC Play Along in Jio Chat

Simply down load it to your mobile phone and you’re correct to go together with the sport.

  • Winners will get Datsun RediGo car.
  • To win this game, you have to send the correct answer to a number given below from your jio sim.
  • You will be asked a general knowledge question from Monday to Friday (after 9 PM) on Sony TV.
  • Just send SMS KBC<space>A/B/C/D (Your answer) to 57666.
  • It is free of cost service as Jio doesn’t charge anything for sending SMS.
  • A software will randomize all the numbers and it will pick any one entry.
  • If you are lucky enough, you will win Datsun car. Winners can not participate again in GBJJ contest.

Jio KBC Play Along App Information

App Name Jio Chat
Installs 10,000,000 – 50,000,000
Current Version 3.0.10
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Offered By Reliance Jio Messaging Services Pvt Ltd

How Does the Timer Work in Jio KBC Play Along?

For question 1 to 5, you will get minimum 15 second and maximum 30 seconds for answering.

For question 5 to 10 you will get 60 seconds as Because of the level is increasing, time is also increasing.

For question 10 to 15 you will get maximum 60 minutes in jio KBC along game but jio KBC game there was no time limit.

Jio KBC Play along Prizes & Redeem Points

  • The audience can get points for each right answer.
  • All these points have to be redeemed before 15th
  • Redeem points for prizes before 31st
  • Jio KBC Play Along Prizes will be revealed shortly.
  • The SMS will be sent for winners.
  • How are Points distributed in jio KBC along
  • The points will be distributed for Rs 10000 question are 10 and 70,000 points will be allotted for 7,00,00,000 Worth question.
  • There is no lifeline for the jio KBC player.
  • How to Register in JioChat for Jio KBC Play Along Game? – KBC Registration JIO User
  • Initially, Download JioChat app for Android / IOS (iPhone) gadgets.
  • Open the app
  • Login with mobile number
  • Jio KBC Play Along – Option will be there
  • Accept T&C
  • Set your profile, language, and other details
  • Now click on the ‘KBC’ icon to play the game
  • Now, the audience can play KBC along with the contestants to earn points.

The whole Jio KBC play along side game could be segmented into rounds and various gamers can earn redeemable they take part. The winners might be introduced on the following day and all the winners of the ghar the jeeto could be presented a Datsun radio automobile.

Jio KBC Play Along [How to Play]


Jio KBC Play Along Today’s Ghar Baithe Jeeto Question & Answer

  • Out of this season which name is known for a season?
  1. Answer: A) Hemanth

Jio KBC Play Along Registration Question for Jio Users

Question of Today With Correct Answer (Jio Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot)

Date Question Answer
28th August 2017 In which film, the actress goes to honeymoon alone after her marriage breaks? D) Queen
29th August 2017 इन नामों में से कौनसा एक ऋतु का नाम है

A) हेमंत     B) अनंत
c) अरिहंत   D) महंत
A) हेमंत
30th August 2017 नौटंकी, तमाशा  और जात्रा  किसके प्रकार है?

A) हस्तशिल्प  B) कविता
C)  चित्रकारी   D) लोक नाटक
D) लोक नाटक
31st August 2017 Inme se kaun sidhe Bharat ki janta duara chune jata hai
A) Lok Sabha Sadashya B) Bharat Ke Rashtrapati
C) Bharat ke uprashtrapati D) Rajyasabha Sadysay
A) Lok Sabha Sadashya
1st September 2017 4K, HD aur SD Jaise Shabd inme se Kis Taknik ke Sath Jude Hai?
A) Screen Resolution  B) RAM
C) Radio Frequency     D) Phone Speed
A) Screen Resolution
4th September 2017 इनमे से कौनसा पेय पौधे की पत्तियों से तैयार होता है?
A) नारियल पानी  B) कॉफी
C) चाय D) निम्बू पानी
C) चाय
5th September 2017 ICC champions trophy ke final me bharat ka match kis team ke sath hua tha?

a. Bangladesh
b. Pakistan
c. Shrilanka
d. West Indies

6th September 2017 Once upon a time in India kis prassidh hindi film ka tag line hai?

a. Lagaan
b. Mother India
c. Shahid
d. Mangal Pandey the Rising

7th September 2017 Question: In me se kis sangathan ke sadasya sirf asia ke desh hai?

a. G-B

8th September 2017   In me se kis masale ko zafran ke naam se bhi jaana jata hai?

a. Kesar – Correct Answer
b. Haldi
c. Daalchini
d. Jeera

 a. Kesar – Correct Answer
11th September 2017 hanuman bhagwan vishnu ke kis avatar ke param bhakt the?

a. Parshuram
b. Krishna
c. Narsimha
d. Ram – Correct answer

 d. Ram – Correct answer
12th September 2017 In me se kis naam ka shabdik arth nadi hota hai?

a. Sarita
b. Vanita
c. Bindiya
d. Mukta

13th September 2017 Kis abhineta ne film badrinath ki dulhaniya me badrinath ka kirdar nibhaya?a. Tiger Shroff
b. Arjun Rampal
c. Varun Dhavan
d. Shushant Singh Rajpoot
14th September 2017
15th September 2017
18th September 2017
19th September 2017
20th September 2017
21th September 2017
22th September 2017
25th September 2017
26th September 2017
27th September 2017
28th September 2017
29th September 2017
 winner of jio play along

Redeem Points & Win Prizes in Jio KBC Play Along

For your each right answers, you will get some points. After finishing the game, you can redeem all the points. go chat in kbc The prizes are still not announced. The last day of points redemption is 31st December 2017. Winners will get an SMS containing the prize announcement. There is no lifeline in Jio KBC Play Along like the real game.

Game Reward System in Jio KBC Play Along

If the current question shows on TV is for Rs 20000, then you will earn 20 points.You can redeem all the points which you won from KBC season 9. The points can be redeemed before 31st December 2017.
  • Time To Answer Each Question
Questions Timer in KBC Timer in App
1 – 5 30 Seconds Min 15 Second and Faster than KBC Contestant or 30 Seconds
5 – 10 60 Seconds Min 30 Second and Faster than KBC Contestant or 60 Seconds
10 – 15 Not Timed Min 30 Second and Faster than KBC Contestant or 60 Seconds

Note: If the contestant answers current question, the timer of that question will not extend beyond that time on the Jio KBC app.

FAQ about Jio KBC Play Along Chat Contest

  • Can anyone play the Game?
Answer – Only the person who are 18 years and above.
  • Are there any prizes for the play along?
Answer – Not yet. But if there are we will be notified via SMS
  • I am not a Jio Customer, will I get the same point?
Answer – Yes, You will get same points as a Jio Customer.
  • I did not Click on Lock it down after selecting an answer, would my answer recorded?
Answer – Unfortunately No.
  • Which Lifeline will I able to use on Jio KBC Play Along?
Answer – There is no lifeline for players, who are playing the game via Jio Chat.
Note – The Surprising Prizes Names will be Revealed Soon. You Can Enjoy Playing KBC via JioChat App.

Terms And Conditions Of Jio KBC Play Along

what is t&c of Jio chat KBC play along

  • Your primary number will be considered as your identity. If you change your number, you will be considered as a new contestant.
  • Never change your number in between the contest if you want to score higher points in Jio KBC.
  • If you do not tap on “Lock It Down” after selecting the answer, your answer will not be count.
  • You can’t use any lifeline on the Jio KBC app due to obvious reasons.
  • If you have given a wrong answer than you Have to wait for the next question, not next contestant.


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